What Mistral Bonsai, S.L?

Mistral Bonsai, S.L specializes in the import and production of bonsai and the marketing of all supplements and accessories related to the care of bonsai. If you want more information about Mistral Bonsai, S.L, please send us an email and we´ll receive you with great pleasure.

Can you buy through our site?

Of course. Mistral Bonsai, S.L wants to facilitate access to the world of bonsai to all lovers of this art. In our site you will find diverse information from the world of bonsai. so you can see our wide range of bonsai.

At the moment, our online store Mistral Bonsai, S.L is only available to the countries in the European Union (except Illes Canaries). If you live outside this area, please contact our customer service.


Can you buy without being registered?

Of course. You can visit our site and buy without being logged. Registration is not required to use our site.


What Information do we keep?

Mistral Bonsai, S.L keeps only the necessary information to properly perform the shipment, invoice and customize your information. Mistral Bonsai, S.L will never know your bank details as the bank transaction is made directly between the SSL insurance service 4B banking system and yourself; the billing information and shipping, you will give us, will only be used by them; Mistral Bonsai, S.L will never give any information to other companies. The billing information and shipping you provide will be exchanged using the SSL security protocol.


How can you make the payments?

You can pay online with your credit card Visa, MasterCard and Red6000. We remind you that this way you will make the payment directly through the connection with SSL assurance department of the banking system 4B. This method of payment guarantees you with a maximum safety and it is unnecessary for Mistral Bonsai, S.L to know your bank details. The banking system directly informs us of the success of your transaction and we immediately proceed to finalize your order.



Who receives the information from my credit card?

All information related to your credit card is redeemable by yourself with SSL assurance department of the financial institution responsible for managing the payment. This way the transaction is carried out with the greatest guarantee of security and Mistral Bonsai, S.L won´t know neither keep any information from your credit card.


How do you get your purchases?

Mistral Bonsai, S.L is responsible for managing the transport whether it is by a recognized private company or by our own transport. The product is prepared in Mistral Bonsai, S.L in order to travel in the best conditions.


What happens if you receive a damaged product?

At Mistral Bonsai, S.L, we select the bonsai with the utmost care. We also take care of the packaging process so that all of our products (ceramics or plants) arrive in perfect condition. Our shipping are insured. So in case of damage to a product, please to let us know in the next 24 hours by contacting with our customer service on 977 471 019 from 9 to 13:30.


Can you buy as a present and directly send the product to someone else?

When you make a purchase through our website, you can specify a different sending address than the billing and you can even send us a card with a personalized message.