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Are you missing any accessory to re-pot your bonsai?

Within the Special re-potting of our online store, we lower the price of the most essential items, because in Mistral Bonsai we know how important the re-potting is for the bonsai to grow healthy and strong.

Discover the offers in tools, pots, accessories, soils or substrates for bonsai from our online store. We have everything you need to take care of your little tree with the best products and at the best price. 

Special bonsai re-potting selection

In our special re-potting selection, you will find great discounts on trays, wire cutters, brushes, spatulas, pots, rakes, meshes, substrates, splitters, scissors, trowels, chopsticks, pliers, cutters...

Do not miss our extensive catalog of discounted items for bonsai re-potting with a wide variety of models and sizes so you can choose what is best adapted to your tree.

Take the opportunity to buy the items and tools you need to repot your bonsais and pre-bonsais with the maximum savings and guarantee of Mistral Bonsai.

And if you need help to re-pot your bonsai, don't miss the videos we provide about when to transplant a bonsai and how to transplant a bonsai.