MAME assorted unglazed pots of various shapes (6.2-9.7 cm.)


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MAME assorted pots of various shapes. Unglazed. Dimensions between 6.2 -9.7 cm.

Price for one unit.

Shohin and Mame ceramics are designed for smaller bonsai (between 8 and 25 cm high). With a wide range of colours and styles, we can choose the one that best suits our bonsai. These ceramics differ from the conventional ones for their strongest support point.

Yixing Pots

Yixing pots are named after their city of origin. Historically, the Chinese city of Yixing was famous for the production of high-quality clays.

Originally, this clay was used to make teapots. Later, they also began to work with ceramics of other types, mainly pots for bonsai.

Each of these bonsai pots has been handmade by a craftsman using traditional methods, therefore, the pieces can present different designs.


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MAME assorted unglazed pots of various shapes (6.2-9.7 cm.)

Select your favourite mini bonsai pot:

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