Kanda Oval Pot 15.5x13.5x3 cm (6") unglazed

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Oval ceramic pot for bonsai of 15.5 * 13.5 * 3 cm. Unglazed.


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Oval ceramic pot for bonsai of 15.5 * 13.5 * 3.0 cm. Made in Yixing.Unglazed.

Yixing Pots:

Yixing pots are named after their city of origin. Historically, this Chinese city has been famous for its extraction of high quality clays.

Originally, this clay was used to make teapots. Later, they also began to work with ceramics of other types, such as pots for bonsai. The work of these clay pots is handmade, following a series of manual processes that makes them a high quality bonsai pot.

Ceramic material :Stoneware
Origin :China
Shape :Oval
Texture :Unglazed

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