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In the Mistral Bonsai online store you can find Tillandsias and ornamental trees. Fans of plants and gardening will find a wide variety of species for their home and garden.


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  • Tillandsia Natural Forest


    Tillandsia Natural Forest. Composition formed by a candle holder with a cork cover and a Tillandsia Velutina or Melanocrater. Tillandsias are a group of plants that belong to the Bromeliad family, originating from South America. They grow both in deserts and in tropical forests. In recent years they have become popular in gardening, since its cultivation is extremely easy and does not require too much attention.

    Measurements (width x depth x height): 6 x 6 x 7 cm.

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In the Plant section of our website you can buy plants such as Tillandsias and ornamental trees grown in our fields, so plant and garden enthusiasts can find a variety of natural species to decorate the house or garden in one simple click.

Give a tropical touch to your balcony, terrace or special corner with our diverse selection of cacti, a thorny plant with a unique and exotic beauty, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Chose the species, the size (small or large), find a location, and we’ll deliver it to your door.

Decorate your favourite spaces with Tillandsias, the so-called air carnations, very popular in gardening for their easy cultivation and their sinuous shapes that grow between stones, glass or wood. Discover our original flowerpot designs in the shape of a star, a heart, in glass vases ... ideal for decorating any interior room and perfect for gifts.

Design your garden with our various types of ornamental trees: small and enchanting, majestic or monumental, conical or pyramidal, with or without fruit... marvels of nature that don’t just change the landscape, but also improve air quality and help conserve the environment. Start thinking about where to plant them and enjoy their benefits.