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Bonsai repotting

Tools and Cultivation

In the Bonsai Tools for cultivation section, you will find all the bonsai supplies that will help you take care of and shape a bonsai tree. Find everything you need: bonsai pruning shears, bonsai wire, tool cases, bonsai branch cutters… and much more!

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Buy Bonsai Tools for cultivation

Do you want to buy Bonsai Tools for cultivation? In this section we offer an extensive assortment of utensils and essential products to shape and care for your bonsai: pots, scissors, sticks, wires, watering cans, fertilisers ... All kinds of tools and gadgets for bonsai with the best value for money.

Here you will find all the tools and accessories necessary to prune, clamp, wire, water, fertilise or transplant your bonsai efficiently, and even to develop your most artistic facet by orienting the branches of your small tree with whimsical shapes.

In addition, as official distributors of Ryuga, the most complete high-quality brand for bonsai work, we have the widest range of tools made from the best steels.

Among our great selection of European, Korean, Chinese or Japanese ceramics and pots, discover the traditional craftmanship of Yixing, Tokoname or the elegance of the Suiban trays, with shapes and colours that adapt to your bonsai and collectors pieces.

To water your bonsai in our online store we have special watering cans, fine-hole watering pineapples, trays to avoid wetting the furniture, hydro-bonsai, vaporisers ...

In our transplant section you will find all the necessary tools to transplant your bonsai: from conical shovels, spatulas, rakes or tongs to complete transplant kits.

And, if you want your bonsai to become a healthy and vigorous tree, we have organic substrates and fertilisers, compost containers, Nutribonsai, Naturbonsai, Terrabonsai, akadama, pomice ... In addition to treatments and biological fertilisers such as Vitabonsai or Ferrobonsai.

Buy the right products to maintain the health of the trees and protect your bonsai from any pests!

Discover our wide catalogue of bonsai tools at the best prices