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Bonsai accessories

Besides tools we also need accessories designed especially for bonsai care. In the Mistral Bonsai website, you will find all the accessories for bonsai you are looking for and much more.

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Buy bonsai accessories

Buying accessories for bonsai has never been easier. In this section of our online store, you will find all kind of quality accessories for bonsai care.

At Mistral Bonsai we have high-end goods for bonsai maintenance: sticks, grids, lathes, conical shovels, sieves, tourniquets, grafting tapes, brushes, small brooms, wires and tool cases.

Here you will find all the accessories you need to model and care for your bonsai, from practical tools to untangle roots and eliminate air pockets in the substrate, to methods to easily bend branches or clean the bark.

Discover our selection of essential items for pruning and clamping, transplanting, woodworking, wiring and watering bonsai.

Select your bonsai accessories and buy them online.