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Bonsai pots

In the Bonsai Pots section, we offer an extensive catalogue of pots and dishes for bonsai trees of the best quality. Here you can find different ceramic pots for bonsai such as: Tokoname, kusamono, ceramics made in Japan and Yixing, training pots, all in different shapes and colours...

More than 400 pots for bonsai to choose from!

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In this section of our online store you can buy bonsai pots and choose the one you like the most from our extensive catalogue and with the best value for money.

Choose from a variety of ceramics, saucers or suiban of different shapes and colours to grow your bonsai and make it stand out in any room.

Here you will find handmade pots, inspired by the classic oriental shapes, made with noble materials, high resistance, high quality finishes and design pieces highly appreciated by collectors.

Among our great selection of European, Korean, Chinese or Japanese ceramics and plant pots, discover the traditional craftsmanship of Yixing, Tokoname or the elegance of the Suiban trays, which perfectly adapt to the needs of your bonsai.

You can choose materials such as plastic, terracotta or ceramic, with a glazed or unglazed finish, rectangular, square, round, oval, polygonal or flower-shaped, and even choose the colour you prefer: blue, green, cream, rust …

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