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To work and shape the bonsai we need specific tools. At Mistral Bonsai you can buy these bonsai tools, pinching shears, defoliators, rakes, tweezers, knob cutters and even tool cases. You can consult our extensive catalogue for all levels and different qualities.

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In this section of our online store you can buy the best quality bonsai tools to perform a good bonsai care and with the Mistral Bonsai guarantee.

We offer you an extensive catalogue of essential gadgets to shape and take care of your bonsai: scissors, pruners, drains, defoliators, rakes, trowels, tongs, gouges, branch levers, pincers or knives.

Each tool has a specific utility, from those used to prune thick branches to those that are used to to clamp. Here you will find them all.

With our selection of materials and tools for bonsai you can wire, transplant, care for dry wood or create it artificially imitating the whimsical forms of nature.

In addition, as official Ryuga and Dingmu distributors, we have the widest range of tools made from the best steels.

Select your best bonsai tools and buy them online