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Mistral Bonsai is a company specializes in the cultivation, production and sale of bonsais. Since 1986 we focus on the quality of our products and service to our customers, paying particular attention to the environmental impact. We are endorsed by the prestigious label MPS, environmental certification system recognized internationally. Mistral Bonsai trees and plants grow through artisanal production techniques combined with the latest technology to bring you this ancient art to your homes, shops and exhibitions.

Committed from day one with the spread of this ancient art, we believe that a bonsai is soulful, unique and unrepeatable, where the values of perseverance, innovation and tradition combine. And in Mistral Bonsai we work with our hands and created with our soul, soul projected by our bonsais.


Species of bonsai and prebonsais, basic care, watering, fertilizer, potting, workshops and training, digital journals, FAQs… All you want to know about the world of bonsai , you will find it at Mistral Bonsai.



Come and visit the largest producer of bonsai in Spain, with an exhibition of more than 200,000 trees and enjoy the largest collection of century-old bonsai in Europe. A golden opportunity to learn this ancient art.


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Discounts, exclusive offers, information, news… Professionals trust Mistral Bonsai to buy all their bonsai related products. Find out all the advantages of being a customer of the largest producer of bonsai in Europe.



Mistral Bonsai was born in 1986 and specialized in the sector of bonsai. We are engaged in production, import and marketing of bonsais of native species of the Mediterranean area, trees from different parts of the East, as well as accessories for culture and decorations. Mistral Bonsai in working to spread the ancient art of bonsai among all those who love nature and who are attracted by the oriental culture.

Our facilities in Camarles (Tarragona) have 25 hectares of field cultivation, 5,500 m2 of warehouses and 55,000 m2 of greenhouses. You can visit our permanent exhibition of more than 200,000 bonsais and see the exhibition of ancient Europe’s largest bonsai.

Our exhibition and shop are open every day of the year except 25th and 26th of December and 1st of January.


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Discover all the news, tips, advice and tricks from the world of bonsai through the news channel Mistral Bonsai

Carmona bonsai, care and secrets

Carmona bonsai, care and secrets

The Carmona species is one of the easiest bonsai to care for, and it is ideal for beginners who want to start practising this ancient art. In […]

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Nominees for best blog post, 2021

Nominees for best blog post, 2021

2021 is over and, like every year, at Mistral Bonsai, we like to look back on all the good we’ve seen throughout the year. In this blog post, […]

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How to wire and shape a bonsai

How to wire and shape a bonsai

Wiring, in the bonsai world, is used to modify the position of the branches without having to prune them. In fact, wiring functions as big branches […]

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