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A good watering technique makes all the difference in a bonsai. If you are thinking about buying a bonsai watering can, at the Mistral Bonsai online store we offer tools to make bonsai watering easier.

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Buy products for the irrigation of bonsai

In the Mistral Bonsai online store you can buy products for watering bonsai. In this section you will find all kind of irrigation products with the best value for money.

To effectively water your bonsai we offer you the best watering accessories: special watering cans with thin holes, in order to not drag the soil from the pots, watering pineapples with even finer holes, trays to avoid wetting the furniture, vaporizers ...

In addition, Mistral Bonsai offers you the exclusive hidrobonsai-system, which slowly supplies water to the bonsai. Find out how it works in our online store!

Select your bonsai irrigation items and buy them online with a money-back guarantee!