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Bonsai treatments

In this section you will find all the products and treatments that you need to keep your bonsai healthy, strong and in perfect condition. Insecticides to eradicate bonsai pests, sealing pastes for pruning…

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Buy bonsai treatments

At Mistral Bonsai you can buy the best quality bonsai treatments to get a perfect care and strengthen your bonsai properly.

Mistral Bonsai offers you high quality and easy-to-use products to help you with the treatment and care of your bonsai.

Try the sealing paste and the healing balm, specially designed to help heal all the cuts you have had to make on your tree either by pruning, pinching or sanitation.

In addition, we have effective biological fertilisers for bonsai, such as Vitabonsai, a liquid invigorating with vitamins and amino acids perfect for after transplant.

And if the new shoots of your bonsai turn yellow, we recommend Ferrobonsai, a liquid inorganic fertiliser that provides a quick and effective response to iron deficiency.

Discover the best bonsai treatments and buy them online with a money-back guarantee!