VITABONSAI Invigorating 30 cc.

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VITABONSAI Invigorating 30 cc. Restorative product that allows the rapid recovery of weak bonsais.


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The VITABONSAI Invigorating 30 cc. It is an organo-mineral liquid fertiliser for plants with immediate effect, to be added to the irrigation water.

It activates growth, regreens the leaves, favours flowering, increases resistance to cold and diseases. Prevents bonsai post repotting shock and accelerates root production in recovered plants.

Vitabonsai is not a pesticide, and it is not toxic to plants. It should be used as a complement to the usual fertiliser and not as a substitute. For bonsai’s fertilisation: use complete fertilisers such as Nutribonsai or Nutribonsai Eco.

How to use: Dissolve it in the irrigation water and following the recommended dosage in the instructions leaflet. Store in a cool place protected from light.

Origin :Spain
Kind of use :Fertlizers and phytosanitary products

Esto va de maravilla!

    Juan J

    Funciona de maravilla trasplante cuatro bonsais fuera de fecha se tiraron fastidiados una semana vi el producto y se lo eche y parece que a funcionado muy vien

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      Write your review



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