Bonsai Conference 13 and 14 April 2024

  Mistral Bonsai       27/03/2024
Bonsai Conference 13 and 14 April 2024

The most awaited event for bonsai lovers is approaching once again this year the Bonsai Conference by mistral Bonsai. On 13 and 14 April, our facilities will become once again the epicentre of this art. Guided tours, bonsai workshops, oriental culture workshops… and the main attraction, the demonstrations of the invited masters: Hiroki Miura, Peter Chan and Javier Garcia Villalobos.

Bonsai Conference 2024 demonstrators

Hiroki Miura

Hiroki Miura. Jornadas BonsáiFor second consecutive year, we will receive the visit of the vice-president of the Japan Shohin Bonsai Association. An opportunity to see again in person, and in short distances, the work of the Osaka master specialised in Shohin bonsai.


Peter Chan

Peter Chan. Jornadas del BonsáiA reference for all bonsai lovers, he is an emblematic figure in his native United Kingdom. Multifaceted and curious, this author of best-sellers, truly reference manuals for bonsai enthusiasts, will come back to visit our facilities years after his last visit. For the few of you who do not know the master Peter Chan or for those of you who would like to read his last interview, you can get to know him a little better here.


Javier Garcia Villalobos

Javier Garcia. Jornadas del BonsáiNew voices are appearing in the bonsai world, one of them, without a doubt, is Javier Garcia Villalobos. Winner of the 2019 edition of the New Talents contest organised by the Asociación del Bonsái Español. An opportunity to get to know closely his work and his fresh ideas in this world that we are so passionate about.


Activities for everyone

The oriental culture is the central theme of this weekend, in which the small trees will undoubtedly be the big stars. A festival for all bonsai lovers, beginners and experts. Guided tours around our facilities, including the largest exhibition of centenary bonsai trees in Europe, bonsai workshops, a Shohin bonsai exhibition… many activities linked to bonsai, as well as workshops on oriental culture (Haru Studio), yoga (Yuguana), children’s area, food truck (Delticious)…


Jornadas del Bonsái

Our facilities will remain open during the entire weekend, with free entrance and free parking. We are waiting for you to experience this unique experience together with family and friends, so come and join us in the fascinating world of bonsai!

Bonsai Conference 2024


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