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The store specialised in the world of bonsai

The store specialised in the world of bonsai. If you come and see our exhibition, do not forget to visit the Mistral Bonsai store. In addition to benefiting from our collection of centenarians, Mediterranean, Oriental trees and a diversity of species, you can also buy our products in our store. You will find all the necessary accessories for bonsai care, tools, pots, different substrates, fertilizers and also a wide selection of publications on the art of bonsai.

We have trolleys, so you can select the bonsais you are interested in in our exhibition and then buy them in our store. You can also see and buy all the products in relation with the wold of bonsai. If you need help, one of our professionals will advise you on what you need. Do not hesitate, come to Mistral Bonsai, enjoy our spectacular exhibition and visit our store! You will be surprised!

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