What is a pre-bonsai?

A pre-bonsai is any kind of material that can be turned into a bonsai.

The pre-bonsais are small trees with as a particularity, that they may become beautiful bonsai, in exchange of a little work and care. A certain curve in the trunk and some fine branches that can be moulded enable the hardest task for an amateur: The initial design.

Obtaining a bonsai is the result of several years of work (we will need a minimum of four years to get a “tree” and a dozen years to see a bonsai) and the application of techniques such as pruning, re-potting, wiring, etc.

Many amateurs and bonsai professionals prefer to follow the evolution of the plant, model it to their taste and give it a personality.

This is why Mistral Bonsai has developed a new range of pre-bonsais: trees from a great variety of species, prepared from seedlings to get a good nebari (low and wide part of the trunk), fine roots close to the trunk with multiple design possibilities.

They are sold in pots, made of a plastic specially designed to achieve excellent results with very little effort.

in our online store you will find the best selection of pre-bonsai. Furthermore, with our products, you will have all the information related to pre-bonsais to assist you in creating your own trees and in different care and maintenance.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone at (+34) 977 47 10 19 or by email via [email protected].

Want to make your own bonsai?

If you are an amateur starting in this art, the pre-bonsai allows you, by performing only repotting, to have your own first bonsai. If you are an enthusiastic more advanced bonsaïsta, it allows you to mould and give the shape and the style you want to the tree or to just go the way the tree will take you.

At Mistral Bonsai, we have apple trees, pyracanthas, olive trees, pines, oaks, pomegranate, juniper and many other species that will help you take your first steps and the following in this wonderful art.

In addition, we offer formed bonsai, in a variety of sizes and shapes that will only require a few simple modifications, giving very adequate results for collectors, plant lovers or gifts.

From pre-bonsai to bonsai

Pre-bonsai before formation

We will cut the unnecessary branches

We will clear the soil that covers the nebari

We will shorten slightly the roots and present the pre-bonsai in the pot

We will place the soil under and around the soil ball

We will water until the water runs clear through the drainage holes

Transplant step by step: from prebonsai to bonsai

Do you want to learn how to transplant a prebonsái and turn it into a bonsai? In this video one of our bonsai experts shows you the step by step of the transplant so that you can do it at home.

If you start with the transplant of your bonsai, you just have to follow the instructions we give you and, with the right tools and products, you will be able to do the task very easily.

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