All about bonsai

At Mistral Bonsai, we specialize in the production and care of bonsai, leaning on a great expertise in this ancient art. In our section All about bonsai you will discover all that is necessary to treat those little trees, either interiors or outdoor bonsai, Mediterranean, Oriental or even pre bonsai.

Through bonsai steelshets Through datasheets you will know the different species, the family to which they belong, origin, watering, repotting, etc. Everything you need to know about each species, its care and maintenance.

If you enter the sectrion Care and advice, you will have a guide to maintain your bonsai and we will show you some basic aspects such as, where to place your indoor bonsai at home, watering, fertilizing, re-potting and how to shape your bonsai. In addition, we give you basic tips to make your bonsai the best thing ever.

Through our Frequently Asked Questions section, we solve the doubts and the most common concerns that our users and customers have highlighted throughout all these years, and that, for sure, will help you care for your bonsai.

If you are new to the art of bonsai, it is an essential section for your so you small trees are growing up healthy, strong and beautiful.

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