How to fertilize a bonsai

Why do we have to fertilize?

We all need food every day. The alimentation is inprescindible for life. The plant aliment themselves, from the nutrive salt they extract from the ground. Because the Bonsai live in little pots they could arrive to consume the whole nutrient which is in the ground.

Therefore we have to replace the elements consumed by the plant.

When do we have to fertilize?

We have to fertilize, but not in a excessive form. It is better to fertilize in little quantities but frecuently, as excessively and with long time between the first and the second fertilization. It is very important that we don’t wait with the next fertilization, till the tree looses force or its blades get yellow.

How to fertilize

You have to fertilize the plant without any fuss. It is much better to pay in small amounts but frequently, than to do in excess and from time to time.

Do not wait for the tree to become weak and yellowish to repay.

Which are the best fertilizers?

There are two kinds of fertilizer for the Bonsai. The first ones are liquid NUTRIBONSAI and the second ones are solid VITABONSAI.


The Nutribonsái liquid fertilizer dissolves in the irrigation water, or is applied with the water of vaporization above the leaves.


It is fast and clean, produces no unpleasant odors and is easy to apply.


Never exceed the indicated doses.


The solid fertilizer discomposes on the soil of the pot avoiding a direct contact with the trunk of the trees.


it is of long lasting, it doesn’t burns the plant and is very good for the soil.

When do we have not to fertilize?

We don’t fertilize in winter, and also during the periods of extremely high temperatures in summer. The same happens to us; if we are ill we go to the doctor and we don’t pretent get healthy eating more. It is wrong if we pretent to recuperate the Bonsai by fertilization.

At first we have to find the reason for the illness and aplicate the correspondant treatment. We will postpone the fertilization till the plant begins its recuperation. Because of the same reason we don’t fertilize the plants which got dry because we forgot to irrigate them.

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