Hiryo Gold is the most natural and effective traditional Japanese fertiliser for bonsai

The secret of growing bonsai is found in good compost.

Hiryo Gold fertilisers are technologically advanced fertilisers of the highest quality which cover all the needs of our trees.

These fertilisers, developed under the supervision of Japanese masters, are a definite advance for the cultivation of bonsai. They come from completely natural materials, matured for a long time with beneficial bacteria that maximise their qualities.

Hiryo Gold

How do Hiryo Gold fertilisers work?

Its granules slowly disaggregate, which gives them great efficiency, even in dry climates and environments, where other fertilisers do not act.

The advanced technique with which they are made allows them to act without having to carry out long fermentations that cause bad odours.

Japanese tradition

Japanese tradition

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

High quality

High quality

Completely natural

Completely natural

Range of traditional Japanese fertilisers Hiryo Gold for bonsai

Hiryo Gold Maintenance

It is an organo-mineral fertiliser indicated for the cultivation of all species of bonsai due to its balanced composition. It maintains the vigour of the trees and the bright green colour of its leaves. Its organic iron content is ideal for use in conditions that make it difficult to assimilate this nutrient, such as the use of water with high lime content, thus avoiding chlorosis that turns the leaves yellow, reducing the vigour of the trees.


Hiryo Gold Flowers and Fruits

The organo-mineral fertiliser Hiryo Gold Flowers and Fruits prevents the degradation of the substrate, while increasing the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Due to its high content of phosphorus and potassium, it is especially suitable for the flowering and fruiting processes of trees, additionally strengthening the roots. It is also ideal for the cultivation of all bonsai and acidophilic species, such as azaleas, gardenias or camellias, as well as providing extra resistance against diseases and adverse conditions.


Hiryo Gold Conifers

It is an organo-mineral fertiliser indicated for the cultivation of all species of bonsai belonging to the class of Conifers. The balance between macronutrients is ideal for both fast-growing conifers and less vigorous species. Hiryo Gold Conifers is especially indicated to avoid the typical and unwanted desiccation of conifers. Its composition contains an extra magnesium creating a greater resistance of the trees against the fungi that cause drying.


Hiryo Gold Growth and Pre-Bonsai

It is an organo-mineral fertiliser indicated for the cultivation of all species of bonsai and pre-bonsai. Due to its high general content in nutrients and especially in nitrogen, this fertiliser favours the rapid and vigorous growth of trees; being indicated to promote the growth of bonsai that are in the formation phase, without posing risks to the trees.


The long experience of Mistral Bonsai in the cultivation of bonsai guarantees the results of all the fertilizers in the Hiryo Gold range.

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