How to water a bonsai

We often wonder how to water a bonsai and is that watering is imperative for tree life. We have at our disposal many tools that will help our bonsai to be well watered and wet. Follow our advice to know how to water them properly.

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Why we have to water?

The most simple reason why we have to water a Bonsai is, because without water they die.

Plants which live outside for example on the countryside, the roots arrive till the water in the floor. Plants which live in a pot only get the water which is in the pot. That’s the reason why all plants and of course, all Bonsai which live in a pot need a frecuent irrigation.

How to water bonsai trees?

When we see, that the plant needs water we have to irrgate as follow: “watering till the soil gets completely soaked.” You will need: watering pot with little holes for maintaining soil in the pot, watering clusters with little holes in order to benifit from water pressure connecting a hose, trays to prevent getting furniture wet when place them indoor.

At first we irrigate one time the surface of the soil of the tree, this is necssary that the hummidity opens the leeks of the soil. After a few minutes, we turn to irrigate till the water gets out of the holes of the clusters.

The pot which accompanys the indoor Bonsai serve that the resting water doesent drip on the furniture. It is very important, that this plat after irrigation don’t rest with water. It is also important, that the level of the water doesn’t reaches the holes of the pot, because a tree, which is always wed, rots. On the other side, it exist Bonsai which can’t be irrigate following this indications, because the soil is to thick and the water supports by the sides of the pot and don’t penetrates the soil. In that case, its necessary to transplant and change the soil.

You can find plastic and ceramic trays that avoid damage on furniture. It is not recommended that the bonsai stay permanently with the roots submerged in water.

Another option is to fill the tray with volcanic stone or Akadama, and in this way creates, with the remaining water, ambient humidity.

In order for the soil of these bonsais to be well soaked we can put them in the plastic tray that accompanies the indoor bonsai, and leave them for about ten minutes. It is also necessary to water in this way the bonsai which by carelessness have remained dry and do not soak well.

Never irrigate with a vaporizer that is used to remove dust and give moisture to the plants.
They only moisten the surface of the pot and the water does not reach the roots. To sum up: You have to water with an appropriate shower or do it by immersion.

The small holes in the shower rose help bonsai absorb water better by imitating rainwater. You can find irrigation lances that fit the hoses or special showers for bonsai.

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What is the pulverization?

To pulverize is to spray the blades of the Bonsai with dispersed water like fine rain.

Do we have to pulverize?

Threes which live in the country receive very often the morning dew which is a very important source for the vitality of the plants which receive this water trough its blades. In the wild valley of the mountain the quantity of the water got from the dew, is higher as the water got from the rain, which show us that the dew is very important for the plants. The Bonsai which live in countries, also which live a large period of time indoor, never receive this dew.

The Bonsai which live indoor don’t receive the rainwater and the blade get full of dust. Therefore it is very important to clean the blades which are full of dust and to vitalize the trees which live in dry conditions.

When do we have to pulverize?

If we only want to clean the blades which are dusty it is sufficently, when we pulverize them one time per week. If we want to animate a Bonsai which is fatigated it is necessary, to pulverize the blades daily.

The best time for the pulverization is when the sun raises. We have to avoid to spinkle the trees if it is very sunny, because of the bad effects which could result.

How do we have to pulverize?

The plants have to be spinckled with a water pot which disposes of clusters with holes which allows to trow the water like fine rain. We have to spinkle from upside to downside and viceversa, because we have to guarantee that the water arrives to all blades of the tree.

With which kind of water do we have to sprinkle?

Rainwater and dewwater are very clean and without disolved lime or other kind of salt. Therefore the best water for irrigation is the rainwater or drinkwater while they have less disolved salt. If we irrigate with water which contains to much lime, what we will do, in place to revitalize the tree, is, to cover the leeks with lime and there will rest white spocks.

The trees which have resistant and shined blades will have the most spocks (ficus, olivtree, orangetree….). For this kind of Bonsai if you don’t dispose of better water it will be better, to wed the blades one time per week to clean the dust.

May your bonsai not suffer and refresh at an unbeatable price!

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How maintain the Bonsai good irrigated when we are not at home?

A frecuent irrigation of the Bonsai could be a problem if we are not at home.

If we have a lot of Bonsai, there exist many irrigation programms on the market, which regulate the frecuency and the during of the irrigation during we are on holiday.

If we only dispose of few Bonsai it results more economical to buy a Hidrobonsai System. This is placed under the pot and the water goes up by wicks, the only solution to forget watering. We can find the Hidrobonsai System in our habitual supplier of Bonsai and complements.

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