Basic care of bonsai

Caring for a bonsai is accessible to anyone who feels admiration for nature or enjoy the satisfaction of giving shape to a tree to recreate the landscapes, mountains and forests.

What a bonsai?

If we translate literally from Japanese bonsai word, it means “tree that grows on a tray.”. But a tree does not grow alone in a pot. The different care requirements are: watering, fertilizing, repotting and the size. They allow the bonsai “to fully express the greatness of trees that live in the wild.”

Basic care for the outdoor bonsai

Do you have doubts about how to start caring for your outdoor bonsai?

Discover the basic care for outdoor bonsai from one of our specialists. In this short video we explain the key concepts for your outdoor bonsai to grow healthy and strong.

Learn where to place your bonsai in summer and winter, how to make a good irrigation so that your tree stores the nutrients and water necessary to develop, when to water, with what to irrigate and what water to use. If you follow these simple tricks you can have spectacular bonsai in your garden or terrace.

Basic care for indoor bonsai

With indoor bonsai trees you can enjoy a little piece of nature at home, but, do you know what you need to take into account to start caring for these small trees? In this video you will discover the basic care for indoor bonsai from one of our experts.

You will learn which species of bonsai are suitable for indoors, where to locate your bonsai inside the house and the importance of the irrigation technique so that your miniature tree grows healthy and salubrious: how to water, when to water and with what to water. Key concepts for you to enjoy your tree for many years.

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