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Visit the largest exhibition of bonsai in Europe

Situated in the Ebro Delta, we have 55,000 m2 of greenhouses, and a permanent exhibition of bonsais 200.000, open to the public all year round, where we grow and acclimatize more than 190 species of bonsai.

Mistral Bonsai offer services pf advise and training in the care of these small trees, free workshops and open days with the participation of the best teachers internationally renowned.

If you visit our exhibition you can see the collection of largest ancient bonsais specimen’s in Europe.

It will definitely leave you speechless!

Come and visit our exhibition, an activity for the whole family, where adults and children will enjoy learning about nature and discover the secrets of this ancient art.

Visits to our exhibition are free and if you wish, you can buy our products in our store.

Ask about our organized tours and workshops!

  • Visits and workshops for school groups and students
  • Visits and family workshops
  • Visits for people over 65 and disabled
  • Program collaboration with universities and schools
  • Training of professionals

Do you want to visit Mistral Bonsai?

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