Respectful towards the environment

At Mistral Bonsai we obviously have to devote a special attention to the environmental impact on all installations and performances.

At Mistral Bonsai, we have a reservoir to collect rainwater with a capacity of 5.800.000 liters. In our greenhouses we retrieve and recycled an annual average of about 18 million liters of rainwater, for watering the bonsais. We control parameters such as electrical conductivity and pH of the water, improving the quality of irrigation water, with the implicit savings in fertilizers in solution and pumping energy.



Mistral Bonsai is committed to the sustainable use of resources in the environment:

  • Recovery and reuse of water
  • Watering installation of low consumption.
  • Use of fertilizers and pesticides with active materials with low environmental impact.
  • Recycling of materials (cardboard, glass, plastic, organic matter, …).
  • Use of organic material recycling as energy fuel (almond shells, olive stones, etc.).
  • Intelligent energy savings from the closure system gates (one of the first intelligent facilities of our country).

Our ecological commitment

Environmental certificate MPS-ABC

Since early 2010, we have signed a contract agreement for the implementation of the MPS-ABC system.

It is a system of environmental quality for flowers and plants, internationally recognized and leader in the market, which aims at promoting ways of cultivation that respects the environment through the rational use of resources used

Certificado de energía verde

Green energy certificate

In 2018 we have obtained the Energy certificate issued by Indexo. It certifies that 100% of our electricity consumption is renewable energy

As a company committed to the environment, Mistral Bonsai has got a green energy certificate. It certificate proves that all the electricity we receive comes from renewable sources.

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