How to give form to a bonsai

The pruning

To prune means, to direct the formation of a tree. With the pruning we eliminate braked or (no necessary branches) which grow in a undesired place of the trunk. The best season to prune is at the beginning of spring, just before trees start budding strongly. To prune, we will use straight concave cutters which produce a concave cut that makes easy cicatrisation. If the wounds of the pruning are thin, it is important to cover them with Sealant to guarantee a perfect cicatrisation.

The nipping

To nipp means, to cut the fine branches of the Bonsai. The difference between the pruning and the nipping is, that the nipping is also effected during the growing time of a tree.

With the pruning we reach a better density of the blades, and we disminuate so the size. Because of the different growing form, we don’t prune all Bonsais by the same way. How to prune trees with blades perenne: trees which don’t loose its blades in autum, like ficus, olivetree, sageretia, serissa, carmona, orangetree, etc.. How to prune trees with blades caduca of only one anual growing: trees which loose its blades in autum and which make only one strong budding in spring, like Acer palmatum, etc….

How to prune trees with blades caduca with an active growing during the whole vegetative period. Trees which loose the blades in autum but don’t still growing from spring until the final of summer like Pyracantha, Cotoneaster, Ligustrum….. How to prune the blades of the coniferous like Juníperus, Sabines or Enebros. How to prune pinus pentaphylla, etc….

Mistral Bonsai Toolkit

It allows you to have the main tools for the basic works in a bonsai.

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The Fencing

To wire is a technic used to connect branches direction or give them a suitable shape. On the other side the fencing sustitutes the power of the weight of the branches of the big trees. We will roll up the wire on the branches and trunk, without pression. This is done to let no mark in the bark of the tree.

It is convenient to let a little space between the wire and the branch, so that we can pass a sheet of paper. While the branches increase during the growing, we will take off the wire before it penetrates in the bark.

The wire utilized for Bonsai are made of copperish wire, what means covered by copper. It is a kind of wire extreemely flexible and resistent. The bigness of the wire depends on the power utilized, to double the branches, which are in general of a bigness of 0,5 mm to 5 mm.

The golden rule of the fencing is don’t let any mark in the bark of the tree.

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