How to find the right bonsai scissors for my hand’s size

  Mistral Bonsai       08/07/2021
How to find the right bonsai scissors for my hand’s size

Did you know that there are several sizes of bonsai scissors? Do you know which is the most suitable for your hands? Stick around and we will help you find out!

It is a very simple trick, as well as curious.

How to do it?

To find out which is the ideal size of scissors for you, first of all, you must open the palm of your hand. The length of your hand will determine the length of the scissors, prunning shears in bonsai terminology.

Take the scissors and place them next to the palm of your hand. Line them up with the base of your palm. If the scissors do not extend beyond 1 cm from the length of your hand, they are too small for you. You should not select that size. If the scissors extend beyond 1 cm from the silhouette of your hand, that is the correct size of the scissors and will fit you perfectly.

You are now ready to start pruning.

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