Nominees for best blog post, 2021

  Mistral Bonsai       24/01/2022
Nominees for best blog post, 2021

2021 is over and, like every year, at Mistral Bonsai, we like to look back on all the good we’ve seen throughout the year. In this blog post, we’ll list the nominees for best blog of 2021. Who will win?


Learn how to choose your first bonsai

If you’re thinking of getting started in the world of Bonsai trees, you’ve found the push you needed. We’ve prepared a blog with some tips you should take into account when choosing your first Bonsai. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.


Carmona Bonsai: Care and secrets

Do you know about the Carmona bonsai? It’s one of the most popular tropical species for making Bonsai. Thanks to its origin, it adapts very well to home interiors and it also makes some very beautiful flowers. If you’re thinking of including a Carmona bonsai in your collection, check out our blog post, “Carmona Bonsai: Care and secrets”.

Bonsái Carmona: los cuidados y sus secretos


Why are my bonsai leaves turning yellow?

We try to follow all the instructions to the letter, but sometimes our bonsais still get yellow leaves. In this blog, we explain possible causes and solutions to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Don’t miss, “Why are my bonsai leaves turning yellow?

¿Por qué se le ponen las hojas amarillas a mi bonsái?


How to wire and shape a bonsai

Wiring seems like a super complicated technique, reserved for those who know a lot about bonsai. But it’s not! With a little patience and practice, it’s easy. In the blog, How to wire and shape a bonsai”, we explain all the dos and don’ts of wiring your bonsais.

Cómo alambrar y dar forma a un bonsái


The truth is we can’t pick a winning blog post. They’re all super interesting! Which is your favourite?

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