Autumn pruning of bonsai trees

  Mistral Bonsai       31/10/2023
Autumn pruning of bonsai trees

Winter is coming, which means that it is time for autumn bonsai pruning. The leaves of deciduous bonsai are starting to fall, which is why it is the perfect time to prune them. We tell you how to carry out autumn pruning of bonsai trees.

What is autumn pruning?

The “autumn pruning” or “pre-pruning” is done to ensure that, during the winter, the trees do not waste their strength by forming buds on the long tips of the branches, which sooner or later we will have to cut off.

This can be done with complete confidence when the cold weather arrives, as the trees will go into dormancy.

Autumn pruning of bonsai trees

When is the right time to do the autumn pruning of bonsai trees?

Carrying out the autumn pruning as late as possible has the advantage that we enjoy longer the colours of the leaves on our bonsai. But it has the disadvantage that the medium-sized cuts we make do not heal as well. Therefore, the right time is when the leaves start to fall continuously, because the tree is still somewhat active and will heal very well.

In the next few weeks, we will do the autumn pruning, but it is very important not to wait until our bonsai have lost their leaves completely. We will remove them by hand before we start pruning.

What about winter fertilisation?

It is only a month ago that we fertilised our bonsai trees intensively, almost for the last time this season, so that they will be able to sprout again in spring. Although in winter, when the trees are asleep, we will add a little liquid fertiliser to the water from time to time. At very low doses and rarely, perhaps once a month, or a little more if it is not cold.

Fertilising in autumn, why is it so important for our bonsai?

In this blog we have looked in detail at the autumn pruning of bonsai trees, but this is not the only work we can carry out at this time of year. Find out more about autumn work in the following blogs!

Is your bonsai ready for autumn?

Autumn a magic season for bonsai

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