Bonsai care tasks during February

  Mistral Bonsai       09/02/2023
Bonsai care tasks during February

We must be prepared for the frosts that may come. In Bonsai care tasks during February, we are going to see what we should do to our bonsai to leave the winter behind us in the best possible conditions.

The February tasks are here!

At night, the temperatures drop a lot. Until the temperatures do not rise, we will act as in January. We will protect the bonsai from the cold, especially the ones that have started to sprout.

During February, we will prepare the trees for repotting.


Insects will also appear with the new shoots. Before they attack these new shoots, we must take preventive measures. We must anticipate to any adversity that may compromise our little tree.


Pruning before repotting is a very good idea to give the tree strength. It is recommended to do it one or two weeks before transplanting. It is very important not to forget to seal the wounds well with sealing paste, this way we will avoid infection sources that could attack our bonsai.

On our Youtube channel you can find videos on how to do winter pruning of Morus, Malus and Ficus carica. It can be a reference for other bonsai trees.


In the middle of February is a good time to prepare deciduous bonsai for repotting. Flower and fruit trees should be transplanted when 80% of the flowers are open and they do not yet have leaves. This means between flowering and the appearance of new leaves.

Acer trees are among the first to awake after winter. Depending on the weather conditions, they can be repotted at the end of this month. When the buds of the new growth start to fatten up is the right time.

WiringBonsai care tasks during February

Avoid watering before wiring.

If you have not wired them in October, it is a good time to wire the pine bonsai. It is also a good time to pre-select their buds and needles.



In winter bonsai do not need so much water, even so, we will water them when the first layer of the substrate is dry. Remember that it is very important to avoid waterlogging, as this would rot the roots.


If the temperatures rise at the end of the month, we can start to fertilise very lightly those trees that are still growing. In case of repotting, never fertilise until the tree starts to sprout strongly.

And this is the end of our little guide Bonsai care tasks during February. All the recommendations are general, each of our trees is special, that’s why they need specific care and attention.


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