Bonsai pots

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Bonsai pots

The word bonsai means “tree that lives in a pot”. Bonsai pots, as almost everybody knows, are different from the pots used to grow plants. In this blog post we will go through the characteristics that make them special and different from conventional pots.

Some of the characteristics that make them special are:

  • They are smaller than the pots where other plants are grown.
  • Bonsai pots are usually wider and shallow (with a few exceptions) than normal ones.
  • They have much bigger holes than other pots. Bonsai roots need oxygenation and water drainage to avoid waterlogging. When repotting these holes can be inconvenient, since the substrate can escape through them, for this reason, we cover them with grids. These are strategically tied with wire to avoid wasting substrate.macetas de bonsai
  • Besides these big holes, some bonsai pots also have some small holes. These serve to be able to pass the wire and to be able to hold the newly transplanted tree.
  • They have small legs that lift them off the ground. This favours the ventilation of the soil and prevents the roots from coming out and growing in the ground.
  • The legs of the pots can be of many shapes: rectangular, decorated, the “cloud legs…”
  • There are bonsai pots of many different shapes for every tree. For example, bonsai with smooth, twisted trunks are often planted in round or oval pots. On the other hand, the more rigid and straight bonsai are usually planted in rectangular pots.macetas cascada
  • Cascading bonsai need taller pots so that the tree can continue with its shape.
  • Pots can be found in infinite colours, so when choosing ours we will have to pay attention to how our tree is so that the pot fits perfectly. For example, trees such as pines or wild olive trees are often planted in dark brown pots. Fruit or flowering trees are usually planted in pots that further highlight their special feature. For example, apple trees, with their red fruits, or Acers, with their spectacular deep maroon leaves, are often planted in blue pots. In general, the pot colour is complementary to the dominant colour of the tree.

The colour and shape of bonsai pots ends up being a very personal choice, as each person perceives the tree in different ways. We must always keep in mind that pots are an essential part of growing bonsai. When we choose it, we must bear in mind that it should not stand out more than the tree itself, but rather that it must enhance its beauty.

You can see all the variety of bonsai pots on our website by clicking here.


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