Hanami, the contemplation of cherry blossoms

  Mistral Bonsai       29/04/2020
Hanami, the contemplation of cherry blossoms

Hanami is a Japanese tradition that consists of contemplating the beauty of flowers. It is especially related to the flowering of the cherry trees between the end of February and the beginning of May in Japan. A tradition that allows us to pause and focus on nature, also in our home.

The meteorological office warns of the forecast of flowering and the Japanese come with family and friends to the gardens and parks to contemplate their flowers and celebrate picnics.

Enjoyment of Hanami online

One way to enjoy this tradition is in its online version. Several gardens make their live cameras available to everyone. Here are some examples:

The Adachi Museum gardens.

The founder of the Adachi Museum, Adachi Zenko, conceived its gardens as a painting, and was dedicated to them until his death at 91. More than 165,000 square meters that have positioned it number one in the ranking of Japanese Gardens in 2016.

Enjoy your live camera here!

Be aware of the time change. 🙂

Photo by Bernard Gagnon
Keroku-en Gardens

Considered one of the 3 most beautiful gardens in Japan, the so-called Nihon Sanmeien, they are a must-see in the city of Kanashawa. It was built by the Maeda family during the Edo period, although it was opened to the public in 1871.

See these wonderful gardens on these this link:

Keroku-en Gardens in Japan
Photo by KimonBerlin

Spring at home

If digital is not your thing, let’s not forget that you can also enjoy spring at home. Maybe you are not lucky enough to have a garden like Keroku-en’s but the contemplation of nature can be done appreciating the plants you have at home. These days spring is already evident. Appreciating the little details in nature can also bring us tranquillity and peace.



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