The most read bonsai blogs in 2022

  Mistral Bonsai       23/12/2022
The most read bonsai blogs in 2022

Christmas is coming and that means that this year ends. 2022 has gone by in a flash and what a year it has been. Time to see how it has gone. Once again, at Mistral Bonsai we want to know which are the most read blogs in 2022.

Looking at the most popular blogs during 2022 we see an interest in specific species, works and products, which shows the knowledge of our readers.

Let’s look at the most read blogs:

Olea and Carmona. Two species in which you are particularly interested

Among the most read blogs in 2022, we find two dedicated to specific species.

The most interesting blogs of 2022 according to our readersThe first one is about olive trees bonsai, “Olive Bonsai Care Guide – The secret to take care of your olea bonsai step by step”, a blog that details the required cares for olea bonsai as well as the history of this tree that could be considered the most emblematic of the Mediterranean. We would like to take this opportunity to recommend another blog about Olea bonsai that you will find interesting, “Olive trees are the first trees to be worked by bonsai enthusiasts”.The most interesting blogs of 2022 according to our readers

The second one talks about the Carmona bonsai. “Carmona bonsai, care and secrets”. In this one, you will find tips on how to take care of it, and you will learn about the legend around this tree. Learn why the Carmona bonsai is one of the most used trees in the bonsai world.

How to use Sakadama soil in bonsai cultivation

Bonsai soilThis blog is among the most read, which indicates the level of our readers, as it is a very technical blog.

Sakadama is a new substrate in the bonsai world, and Mistral Bonsai is an official distributor. A soil with unique properties that make it one of the best ones for bonsai on the market. In “How to use Sakadama soil in bonsai cultivation”, you will find details of the characteristics of this soil for bonsai and how to use it with other bonsai soils.

You can find out this product in our online shop.

 How to choose your red bonsai Japanese maple?

Finally, we have another blog about a specific specie, the Acer, which has been and will continue to be one of the most wanted bonsai. So, for us as bonsai enthusiasts, it is not a surprise that the blog “How to choose your red bonsai Japanese maple” appears in this list.

A blog where you will find information about the different bonsai maple species, with special emphasis on the differences between them. The condition of each species in the different seasons of the year is also explained in this blog.

Acer bonsai

Have you already seen the Acer bonsai trees in our online shop? Find out here.

These are the 4 most viewed blogs in 2022. Knowing your interests helps us to adapt and create more content. We will work with this list of the most read blogs in 2022 to prepare next year’s content. Happy holidays!

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