The ultimate Indoor bonsai: the Ficus Retusa

  Mistral Bonsai       18/11/2016
The ultimate Indoor bonsai: the Ficus Retusa

The Ficus Retusa is one of the most looked for species in the world of bonsai because of its aesthetics and its price. It has a rapid and vigorous growth, with smooth bark that varies from a gray-white to an orange colour. It is an indoor bonsai, resistant to a variety of environments and to different conditions of light, humidity and temperature. Furthermore, its cultivation is very simple, even for the most inexperienced growers.

The Ficus is an excellent indoor bonsai that gives a touch of green and healthy living to homes.

Originally, the Ficus grows in the tropical regions and reaches large dimensions, which is why it is very resistant

ficus retusa indoors

to high temperatures, but it is necessary to be very careful during the cooler periods of the year. Its needs in light are not as pronounced as for other species; It is used as an indoor plant, but we must always provide it with adequate sunlight for optimum development. It is also better if the bonsai does not spend long periods inside ; In this way, alternating its location with stays outside, more or less prolonged, especially from spring, is ideal for its good development.

The Ficus retusa belongs to one of the most interesting varieties in the world. One feature that makes it very attractive is that it has aerial roots. Not all species of Ficus emit these aerial roots, and those that do, produce them in special circumstances such as high humidity and shade. If we have them inside our house, we can promote the development of these roots by providing the needed conditions. For example, a tray with water under the tree can favour the moist environment required for this purpose.

It greatly appreciates the spraying of his cup, which is indispensable if the bonsai is located inside.

Indoor bonsai

Having a bonsai at home is not like having a plant, if we try to listen and understand what it wants to convey to us, it will bring us a lot of peace, energy and a bond for life. The Ficus Retusa is ideal as it will instantly give you the feeling of tropical climate, a very pleasant feeling for those cold winter months.


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