Basic tools for bonsai care

  Mistral Bonsai       15/09/2021
Basic tools for bonsai care

The tools we use to work on our bonsai are essential to perform a good practice. Would you like to know which are the basic tools for bonsai care? We need to make sure that we use the right ones, so we can do a cleaner and more precise job, in addition to working more comfortably. In this post, we explain the details of the basic tools that cannot be missing in your bonsai tools kit.

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Pinching shears

This may be one of the most essential bonsai tools. Pinching shears are mainly used to maintain the shape of the bonsai as it grows. We can use them for both pinching the leaves and cutting fine branches. The elongated shape allows us to have good access to the most internal parts of the bonsai. These tools are usually small and light, so we can carry out the work with more precision and speed without overworking our hand muscles.

Pinching shears

Pruning shears

Branch cutter

As you can imagine, this tool is used to prune the thickest branches of bonsai. These shears are thicker and more robust than the ones we have seen before. Its design allows us to exert greater force perform a cut. Bonsai pruning shears are different from the ones used in landscaping. The edge is more curved so that the scar that remains when cutting is as closed as possible, avoiding future infections to the bonsai.




At first glance, this seems like a less important tool, but the truth is that it is more useful than it seems. With the tweezers we can do countless jobs such as removing insects or the weeds that come out of the soil. In addition, tweezers can be combined with other tools. For example, you can find models with tweezers at one end and a spatula or a rake at the other. You have two tools in one!Spatula/tweezerStainless Rake/tweezers

Wire cutter

If you are planning to wire your bonsai, you must have this tool. The wire cutter will help both when putting on and when removing the wire. This tool is designed to cut the wire very easily. In addition, its shape allows us to reach places that are difficult to access without damaging the bark of the bonsai.

wire cutter

How to choose the ideal size of the tools?

All the tools might look the same, but they come in different sizes. Why? The size of the tool must match with the size of your hand.

If we choose the right tool, we will work more comfortably.

Do not miss this video, bonsai master Luis Alejandro explains an infallible trick.

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