Easy Japanese Recipes: Vegetable and Prawn Tempura

  Mistral Bonsai       20/10/2021
Easy Japanese Recipes: Vegetable and Prawn Tempura

Tempura is one of the most famous oriental recipes. Keep reading to learn how to cook this easy Japanese recipe with vegetables and fish.

Tempura is a batter technique that has been used in Japan since the mid-16th century, although it originated in China with the arrival of Marco Polo. This technique is popular to cook vegetables, prawns, fish … being a delicious crunchy and not greasy dish. You can prepare this easy Japanese recipe with your family to motivate them to eat more vegetables and fish. Do not miss the opportunity to involve your children in the process, it will be a great experience. Getting your hands dirty in the kitchen is always fun!

Tempura needs short frying time, the dough is quite liquid made with water, flour and egg and can be served with a dash of soy sauce. The secret of tempura is keeping the dough very cold to contrast with very hot frying oil.

Here is the ingredients list, so you can collect them all and get ready to start.


  • 60 g of wheat flour and 30 g of sifted cornstarch (you can do it with 90 g of already prepared tempura flour)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 25 cl of cold water
  • 5 g sugar
  • 5 g of salt
  • Vegetable or sesame oil for frying
  • Vegetables or prawns. (Pepper, carrot, asparagus…)
  • Soy sauce for the side

How to prepare this Japanese recipe: Step by step, vegetable and prawn tempura.

1- To prepare the dough, mix the salt, sugar, flour and egg yolk in a bowl. Next, add the cold water little by little, and mix it. The mixture does not have to be homogeneous, in this way it will have a more crunchy texture. Tip: for a better result, you can mix it in a bowl inside another bowl with cold water.

2- Clean and cut the vegetables to bite size. Prepare the prawns, removing the head and leaving only the tail.

3- Dip the vegetables and prawns in the dough and fry them when the oil is very hot. We recommend not frying everything at the same time to make sure the temperature of the oil doesn’t decrease. Let it brown for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

4- Keep the fried pieces on a kitchen paper sheet to remove the excess oil.

5- Serve hot with a little soy sauce for dipping.

6- Set the table with oriental dishes and bowls to enjoy a theme night!



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