Mistral Bonsai committed to tackling climate change

  Mistral Bonsai       01/10/2019
Mistral Bonsai committed to tackling climate change

Climate change is the (not so now) invisible menace that threatens life as we know it to date. From Mistral Bonsai, we are doing everything we can to be more eco-efficient and to not mistreat the Earth. We are committed to the environment. That is why we dedicate a special attention to the environmental impact of all our facilities and actions.

Company and Climate Foundation

Fundación Empresa & Clima

The Company and Climate Foundation  (FEC in Spanish) is a non-profit organization. Since 2008 it works for corporate leadership and commitment in the fight against climate change. Its main interest is the protection of the environment and get companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In September 2010, the Company and Climate Foundation was named an Observer Member of the United Nations. Mistral Bonsai has joined its project to do our bit and to take a step further in our commitment for the environment and against climate change.

Companies play a key role in this fight. FEC’s work is to help and guide hundreds of companies for them to use the right tools.

Mistral Bonsai, a green and efficient company

Our trees have a soul

Mistral Bonsai is an oasis of nature full of green. Our trees have a soul, so it would not be logical that we put this biodiversity in danger with our actions. In addition to the recent commitment to the Company and Climate Foundation, we are also attached to other programs. One of them is MPS, an environmental program aiming to promote cultivation in a respectful way, through the rational use of resources. Another of the certificates we have obtained recently is that of Green Energy. This certificate guarantees that the 100% of electricity and energy that we use is of renewable origin or of high efficiency.


We have a rainwater collection reservoir with a capacity of 5,800,000 liters. About 18 million liters of rainwater are recovered and recycled for irrigation of bonsai. Parameters such as water electrical conductivity and pH are controlled, inducing savings in soluble fertilizers and pumping energy. In addition, we use fertilizers and phytosanitary products made of active substances with low environmental impact, in order to avoid environmental degradation.

Looking ahead

 Although we have already taken many measures to be more efficient, we want to expand the field of action. For this reason, we rely on the experience and expert knowledge of the FEC in the fields of energy efficiency, carbon footprint analysis, and calculation of CO2 emissions.

In that way, Mistral Bonsai contributes not only to individual action, but also to a collective effort, fuelling the analysis and publications of the FEC on CO2 emissions in the World, Europe and Spain [1]. The objective is to raise awareness and propose concrete solutions on a collective basis. Fighting against climate change is a struggle of all.

oasis of nature full of green

[1]  The FEC has already calculated the emissions generated for more than 200 companies not subject to the CO2 Emissions Trading Directive, and published 8 books.
In addition, it has conducted consultations and trainings for more than 800 companies on these issues.


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