Because a drop matters. Water management at Mistral Bonsai

  Mistral Bonsai       22/03/2022
Because a drop matters. Water management at Mistral Bonsai

One of the fundamental values in the philosophy of Mistral Bonsai is our commitment to the Environment. Daily contact and work with trees makes us a first-hand witness to the impact of climate change. This fact only reinforces our determination and years of work to reduce our environmental footprint. A significant portion of these efforts is focused on reducing water consumption, below we explain the water management at Mistral Bonsai.


How can water consumption be reduced?

There are various actions based on two main premises: efficiency and use of water.

Efficiency: with efficient irrigation management, we adjust the frequency and amount of water as much as possible in accordance with the needs of the bonsai.

Use: involves the collection of excess water from irrigation and rain.


What specific actions does Mistral Bonsai carry out to reduce water consumption?

Our irrigation system has highly efficient facilities, with computerised control determining the requirements for water, irrigation and fertigation (fertilisation with irrigation water), with the goal of not using more water than is absolutely necessary.

On the other hand, at Mistral Bonsai we have a reservoir with a capacity for 5,800,000 litres, in which 18 million litres of rainwater are recovered and recycled per year (the equivalent of 7.2 Olympic swimming pools). In the same way, through a network of pipes, water that results from leaching (drainage from the bonsais) and the excess from irrigation are also used.

Water management at Mistral Bonsai

To guarantee the proper application and operation of the systems, the personnel in charge of them receive ongoing training and possess specialised technical qualifications.

At Mistral Bonsai we continue working to minimise the environmental impact of our activity, improving and incorporating new techniques and knowledge. Reducing water consumption is just one of the actions we carry out in order to guarantee the sustainability of our environment. In the next blog, we describe other actions that we carry out to achieve this objective.


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