The 5 basic tools for transplanting bonsai trees.

  Mistral Bonsai       10/02/2022
The 5 basic tools for transplanting bonsai trees.

Transplant season is one of the busiest times of the year for bonsai fans, since we have such a limited time to do so. Here’s some advice for completing this task: There’s no time to lose! So here are the 5 basic tools for transplanting bonsai trees quickly and efficiently.

Pruning shears for bonsai.

Pruning basic tools transplanting bonsaiThese are important for transplanting. Cutting, pruning, rooting and shortening are impossible jobs without a good pair of bonsai pruning shears.

It’s best to have some pruning shears exclusively for transplanting. Dingmu has some strong and durable shears, which let us prune the branches and reduce the root system of our bonsai more comfortably.

To guarantee better healing and the production of new roots, the cuts need to be clean and precise.

Have you ever wondered why there are different sizes of bonsai shears? Large or small? In this video, we’ll explain how to choose the best shears for you.

Bonsai scissors for pruning roots.

Scissors basic tools transplanting bonsai

After the pruning shears, this root cutter is perhaps the most important cutting tool in our repotting bonsai tool kit.

They’re perfect for shaping and forming the thickest roots. The clean cuts provide for better healing. If you do this with pruning shears, you could damage the roots.

These scissors are also very useful for working with dry wood. It easily separates and breaks apart, creating natural forms that increase the beauty of the plant.

The root cutter also comes in different sizes based on the size of your tree and its roots.

Wire cutters.

Wire cutter bonsaiAs its name indicates, wire cutters help us handle aluminium wires; a basic element in bonsai wiring and transplanting techniques. Therefore, wire cutters are an essential part of our tool kit and give us better versatility for working with our trees.

The wires we find during the transplant process are those that hold the tree and tie it to its pot.  Using wire cutters helps reduce pressure on the tree and lets us work more ergonomically and comfortably.

They’re also needed when we have to prepare a new pot and tie the tree in.

You can find some multi-use bonsai scissors that also cut wire, as well as small roots and branches.


Pliers tool transplanting bonsai treesThe main use of the bonsai pliers is to securely hold your tree in the pot by properly twisting and tightening the wire. In the transplant process, good support is essential.  Providing maximum stability puts the tree in the best position for producing new roots.

The pliers help you tighten and secure the wire, in a way no other tool can.


Root rake.

Over time, our bonsai will have developed a good knot of roots. During the transplant, these roots must be untangled and carefully combed.

You can find various kinds of root rakes: some have one tooth, some have several, or even have a spatula at one end (which can be used to separate the roots from the pot).

This bonsai tool helps us untangle the mess of roots at the bottom of pots when repotting. The shape of the handle allows for a secure grip. This is the favourite bonsai tool for many professionals when untangling their roots without damaging them.

basic tools bonsai Transplanting bonsai trees

Knowing the best bonsai tool for each task is important, as is maintaining and caring for them after use. If we want to enjoy them for a long time, once the work is finished, don’t forget to clean them and store them well.

These are the 5 basic tools for transplanting bonsai trees. Using these tools, we can create a better environment for our trees to grow and have a healthy future.


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