Indoor bonsai

The so-called indoor trees are mostly trees from tropical origins, that do not support low temperatures. We must place them indoors, always close to a source of natural light.

Portulacaria afra




South Africa, tropical/desert zones.

Portulacaria afra


Bush of about 3m in height, with a brown/grey trunk and thick branches. Its leaves are also thick, green oval or round. The stem is 1 to 2 cm long. It has got lot of small pale pink flowers which are grouped in solid bunches.


Exterior the whole year with lots of sun. It is also adaptable to interior spaces if it is placed besides a window.


Moderate because of its capacity to store water in its leaves and stem. To make it flower, leave it between 7 and 10 days without watering and then begin watering moderately at first and then in abundance.


From spring to end of summer, once a month.


Each 2 or 3 years in spring.


Soil that helps with drainage:: 25% Akadama mixed with 5% of volcanic earth.

Pruning and nipping


All the time except in the colder and more humid months.


At the beginning of sprouting eliminate the new leaves at the points of the branches. After that you can defoliate leaving 2 leaves at the point of the stem.


During the whole year. Try not to make very heavy curves. For thick branches you can also use raffia.

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Portulacaria afra