Outdoor bonsai

These are trees that, by nature, must be placed outside, ideal for balconies, gardens and terraces

Camellia japonica




Shrub genus native to Asia. Currently more than 3,000 varieties of camellias are known, which can reach between two and five meters high.

Camellia japonica


Camellia Japonica is a shrub that is characterized by its solitary flowers of pink, red or white colors, lacking fragrances. Its leaves are dark green.


It prefers warm climates, and far from draughts. Normally they are placed in semi-shade or shade, since it does not tolerate high temperatures or lack of humidity.


Likes moist soils, but well drained. Irrigation in summer should be abundant but moderate in winter.


It lives in substrates with abundant organic matter, acidic or neutral. So that you can add a specific fertilizer for camellias and hydrangeas that provide “acid” and avoid iron chlorosis during the growing season.


Every 2 or 3 years, in early spring.


A mixture of 6 parts of Akadama, with 4 parts of volcanic gravel can be used; otherwise, if not available, Mistral Bonsai TERRABONSAI can also be used.
After transplanting it is convenient to water with a solution of VITABONSAI from MISTRAL, to accelerate the recovery of the tree.

Pruning and pinching


Flowering pruning to be done in Spring, after flowering.


Throughout the growing season we can go lightly pinching, to get a denser crown.


It can be wired throughout the year, but better in spring.


It is multiplied by wood cuttings, from late summer to early fall.

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Camellia japonica

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