Outdoor bonsai

These are trees that, by nature, must be placed outside, ideal for balconies, gardens and terraces

Osteomeles sp




Western China.

Osteomeles sp


Deciduous shrub, somewhat creeping and with a very flexible branching. Its composite leaves (10-25 leaflets per leaf) are green in the upside and somewhat whitish on the underside. The flower is typical of the rosaceae, with 5 petals and hermaphrodite, very colorful, grouped in bunches of 3 to 6 flowers at the end of the flowering branches.


Outdoor plant that needs to be in full sun, or in semi-shade if it is in an area of warm temperatures. It resists temperatures below zero well, but is sensitive to dry wind.


Shrub that needs a lot of humidity of its substrate, without flooding it. We will water abundantly when we observe that the surface of the soil is dry.


Spring and autumn.


Every 2 or 3 years, in early spring, just a bit before the beginning of the annual budding. After transplanting it is convenient to water with a solution of VITABONSAI from Mistral Bonsai, to accelerate the recovery of the tree.


A mixture of 6 parts of Akadama, with 4 parts of volcanic gravel can be used; otherwise Mistral Bonsai TERRABONSAI can also be used.

Pruning and pinching


In winter, when no leaves.


Throughout the growing season we can perform light pinching to get a denser cup.


It is not a bonsai to which the wiring of its branches is practiced much. However, in case of doing so, it is advisable to do it before the sprouting.


Traditionally Osteomeles wood has been used in the manufacture of musical instruments because of the high value of its wood.

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Osteomeles sp

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