Mediterranean bonsai

These are typical Mediterranean trees, they live better outside because they need both the sun and the cold to produce fruit. Most are grown in our fields in Tarragona, the most representatives are: olives, citrus and apple.

Grevillea sp.




New Zealand, New Guinea, but mostly from Australia

Grevillea sp.


Fast growing evergreen tree with a very cracked dark gray bark. Flowers in bunches facing up.


Tolerates constant exposure to wind and is resistant to cold, although it can only develop properly in a warm climate; that is to say that it can tolerate night frosts only if the temperature rises significantly during the day.


Water abundantly in summer, letting it dry between waterings. In autumn and winter, water enough so that the soil does not dry completely.


During spring and summer.


Every 2 years, in early spring.


A mixture of 6 parts of Akadama, with 4 parts of volcanic gravel can be used; otherwise Mistral Bonsai TERRABONSAI can also be used.
After transplanting it is convenient to water with a solution of VITABONSAI from Mistral Bonsai, to accelerate the recovery of the tree.

Pruning and pinching


Perform pruning shortly after transplanting in spring, before vegetative growth begins.


Throughout the growing season, we can pinch slightly.


During spring


The Grevillea robusta is used for the making of musical instruments such as guitars. It is also used for carpentry and joinery, because it has an elastic, durable and easy to work wood.

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Grevillea sp.

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