Mediterranean bonsai

These are typical Mediterranean trees, they live better outside because they need both the sun and the cold to produce fruit. Most are grown in our fields in Tarragona, the most representatives are: olives, citrus and apple.

Westringia sp.




Genus shrub native to Australia, commonly called Romerino because of its similarity to the aromatic bush.

Westringia sp.


It is a perennial shrubby plant, with grey-green foliage and white or yellowish inflorescences, which blooms in spring and summer.


Outdoor, in full sun throughout the year (or in semi-shade during the hours of strong summer sunshine); withstands occasional frost up to -5 ° C.


Water moderately. It is necessary to let the surface layer of the substrate dry slightly between two watering. They prefer light and airy soils.


From spring to mid-autumn with organic fertilizer or liquid NUTRIBONSAI from MISTRAL, applied every two weeks through irrigation water.


Every 2 to 3 years, in early spring.


A mixture of 6 parts of Akadama, with 4 parts of volcanic gravel can be used; otherwise Mistral Bonsai TERRABONSAI can also be used.
After transplanting it is convenient to water with a solution of VITABONSAI from Mistral Bonsai, to accelerate the recovery of the tree.

Pruning and pinching


Perform pruning at the end of winter.


Throughout the growing season we can perform light pinching to get a denser cup.


Throughout the year, better in spring.


Originally, Westringia is endemic to Australia, which means that it is only in this area that it can be found naturally.

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Westringia sp.

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