Mediterranean bonsai

These are typical Mediterranean trees, they live better outside because they need both the sun and the cold to produce fruit. Most are grown in our fields in Tarragona, the most representatives are: olives, citrus and apple.

Punica granatum




Mediterranean, Occidental Asia (Persia and Afghanistan, Northeast of India) until Himalaya


From the latin “punicus”, Plinio gave the name to this specie “ malum punicum” , apple from Carthage, with a wrong base with respect to its origin.

Punica granatum


Tree or bush of deciduous leaves characteristic for its thorny branches. Flowers and fruits in abundance especially the nana variety.


In zones of Mediterranean climate the tree can be placed outside during the whole year.


Watering, as with all other deciduous trees, must be abundant in summer and reduced in winter.


In spring and autumn, never during flowering.


Every 2 years, in spring.


100% Akadama, or a mixture of Akadama with 20% volcanic earth.

Pruning and pinching


At the beginning of spring when the tree is beginning to flower.


During the whole of spring, cut down to 2 leaves when branches have got about 6 to 8 pairs of leaves. We wont pinch after May or June because we would eliminate the flowers which appear at the points of the branches.


You can wire over the whole year if you want except during flowering.


If we leave too many pomegranates on a branch, it will have a tendency of drying out next year. To flower in abundance the pomegranates must be in the sun. To produce fruits they have to be outside in nature exposed to natural fresh air because insects pollinate flowers.

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Punica granatum

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