Mediterranean bonsai

These are typical Mediterranean trees, they live better outside because they need both the sun and the cold to produce fruit. Most are grown in our fields in Tarragona, the most representatives are: olives, citrus and apple.

Malus domestica




Most of the apple tree species come from Europe, Asia and North America.

Malus domestica


It is a deciduous tree of fast growth. It is most appreciated for its spring blossom and its red fruits in autumn.


Although it can cope with all types of climates, it grows better in direct sunlight. In summer it should be protected from the midday sun. In winter protect from temperatures below -2ºC.


When watering the soil take care to keep the flowers dry as water would cause them to dry up and fall off. Ensure the roots are not left in soil saturated with water.


Spring to autumn, avoiding when blossoming.


Every 2 years early spring.


100% Akadama or mixed with 20% of volcanic clay.

Pruning and pinching


After flowering, cut the twigs to two leaves when they have produced 6-8 leaves.


Using the tweezers to prune back to 2 leaves after 6 to 8 leaves have grown. It is advisable to cut any excess fruits in winter.


In spring.


The apple tree was well known in the Neolithic era.

Fructification can be encouraged by manually pollinating, using a fine brush, transferring pollen from the stamen on a flower to the stigma of another.

At Mistral Bonsai we sell a variety, selected for its high quantity of fructification and flowers. The fruit produced are tiny little apples in proportion with the size of the tree.

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Malus domestica

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