Mediterranean bonsai

These are typical Mediterranean trees, they live better outside because they need both the sun and the cold to produce fruit. Most are grown in our fields in Tarragona, the most representatives are: olives, citrus and apple.

Rosa sp.




The miniature rose bushes grown in bonsai come from western China, of temperate climate; although there are numerous wild varieties of rose bushes of European origins.

Rosa sp.


The rose bushes are well known for the beauty of their flowers, the dwarf varieties bloom almost throughout the year. They are semi-evergreen shrubs, the branches are provided with numerous spines. There are varieties of red, of pink, of yellow, or of white flowers.


In a Mediterranean climate area, outdoor, in full sun all year. In winter, if freezing, they usually lose their leaves.
In continental climate areas, it is advisable to protect the rose bushes from extreme frost (below zero temperatures for several days).
For the roses to bloom we must place them in full sun, in semi-shade they bloom much less.


It is important to control irrigation well, and avoid excessive waterlogging. Therefore, between two watering, it is convenient to let the surface layer of the substrate dry. The rose bushes prefer a slight dryness to a flooded soil, in addition, if we water too much they will bloom much less.


From spring to mid-autumn with organic fertilizer or liquid NUTRIBONSAI from Mistral Bonsai, applied every two weeks through irrigation water.


The roses develop lots of roots, so it is convenient to transplant them at most every two years, although if they live in very small pots it is convenient to transplant them every year, at the end of winter.


Mistral Bonsai TERRABONSAI.
After transplanting it is convenient to water with a solution of VITABONSAI from Mistral Bonsai, to accelerate the recovery of the tree.

Pruning and pinching


The rose bushes are pruned at the end of winter, during the months of February and March. Pruning is highly convenient to renew the vigor of the branches.


From April to October, when the buds get too big. When they bloom abundantly, the branches slow the growth. It is convenient to cut the roses after flowering.


It can be wired with aluminum wire, although pruning is often enough to shape them easily.


Miniature rose bushes are very eye-catching, and the smell of roses is very soft. They are bonsais very easy to grow, often used to accompany other bonsais in exhibitions.
Remember, if you water them too much they will bloom less.

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Rosa sp.

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